Urgent SEO News – Google Algorithm Updated

SEO News – Google Algorithm Updated

new-google-logo-officialGoogle This week, Google rolled out their latest search algorithm change. For people conducting mobile searches, priority will now be given to websites that Google classifies as mobile-friendly. (As I have mentioned in previous blogs, 68% of searches are done on mobile devices!)

If you are not sure your site is mobile-friendly, Google has a quick and easy tool to test your site. This tool will tell you if Google considers your site to be mobile-friendly. It will also provide feedback gathered about what needs to change (font too small, links too close together, etc.) in order to improve the site’s mobile function. Your site must be mobile-friendly, or your SEO ranking will be drastically lower. This new algorithm will not affect desktop searches and your current SEO ranking there.

There are several ways to fix your website and make it mobile friendly:

  • Update the layout and theme on WordPress to a mobile-friendly layout
  • Have an expert review and adjust
  • Implement brand new site that is mobile-friendly

Because more searches are mobile, this algorithm update could have a big impact on companies that do not have mobile sites, and they will see a decline in search traffic. Looking at your website’s analytics to determine how much traffic you currently get from mobile searches, will give you a good idea of the impact to your business.

With people of all ages tapping into the power of mobile, switching to a mobile friendly website seems inevitable and a cost of the evolution of technology.

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Social Media Tip- #SharetheGood

Social Media Tip #SharetheGood


Social Media Tip – #SharetheGood

Social media can get a bad rap. We blame social media for the declining social skills of our children, for keeping people plugged into their computers for hours of their free time and a whole slew of other problems that could be caused by the advent of social media.

But it can also be a tool for a whole range of positive things. Within minutes, people can connect to their family and friends that are continents away to share photos and stories of their lives. People share their favorite experiences, their favorite quotes, their accomplishments and their dreams.

This sharing of the “good” has given rise to what BlogSpot terms, Human to Human Marketing. Companies that use Human to Human Marketing make their messaging and images personal, conversational, and inspiring. This approach often creates consumers that feel more brand loyalty and “closer” to these brands.

Can a brand be your “friend”? On social media, it can. Your brand message can show up in their timeline right next to their best friend getting married and photos of their cousin’s new baby. Making sure your images and photos have the Human approach ensures that you get noticed and remembered.

Consider adding this approach to your marketing strategy this year, especially the social media plan. You can still sell your products with adding in a call-to-action in these posts. The call-to-action could be growing your email list, a targeted offer or direction to your website for increased traffic.

If you are ready to create a Human to Human Marketing plan, we can help, contact us today!

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