Hashtags Are Here to Stay

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s clip on hashtags is laugh out loud funny and totally #CLASSIC!

But seriously, they are here to stay, in all types of social media and marketing. Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest all show better engagement in a post when hashtags are used. They may not be a part of how we speak, but they are a part of how we speak in social media.

Playbook Takeaway:

Always make sure your social media posts have 1-2 relevant hashtags.  When designing your social media plan for the month, consider the possible hashtags you will be using. Then use sites like Hashtags.org, RiteTag and Hashify to research the hashtags you are planning to use. Why? Because that’s how people are searching for things they need or interest them. For example, if I am looking for pictures and posts related to the USF Bulls football game I would search USFBULLS or usfbulls in the hashtag section of Instagram and then I would find all the post related to that search. Please, be aware that #capitalizationmatters! 

You may also research what hashtags competitors or experts in your field are using to help grow and inform your hashtag list. Tagboard is a good site for researching what is being posted with certain hashtags.

Event Marketing More Effective than Social Media…Really!!!

Event Marketing

Everybody loves a party. Parties are a way to get together and celebrate something good and positive. People feel relaxed at a party, and there is usually a level of positive community experience.  You get to know people face to face when you are at a party, which is a great way to share your company message and grow your business.

event marketingThe bottom line is that even in this global, digital society people still like to buy from people. According to B2B Content Marketing Trends, in-person events are even more effective than social media. Hard to believe when you see the amount of time we devote to social media marketing versus event marketing. Look at the chart below and consider how you have been spending YOUR marketing budget…

So, how can you get the party started and grow your business? Here’s how:

  1. Celebrate Something Good Happening at Your Company

Think of the milestones you have hit that are worth spinning into a party, the progress your business has made, or something else that is special and noteworthy.

  1.    Get People to Join the Party

Hosting a party gives you the ability to connect with your clients and customers via many different outlets. You can send an email blast promoting the event, post an invitation to attend on your social media channels, and add the invitation as new content on your blog and website. New content that people are interacting with is a great way to increase your SEO ranking with search engines.

  1.    Follow-up After the Party

Again, another chance to connect. You can follow-up with the people who attended your event and even the people who did not with event photos posted to social media, another blog posting, pictures on your website and another email blast. You could even add a follow-up promotion to encourage sales since you already are in the forefront of their minds.

If throwing a party still seems out of your scope then get involved in someone else’s event. By being a part of an event happening in your community, you still get the value of face-to-face time with people in your community and the ability to add content to your marketing channels.

You may think that only big companies, like BMW, can be a part of an event but not so, any company can be a part of event marketing and find real, lasting benefits. Party on!

SEO News – Google Algorithm Updated

new-google-logo-officialGoogle This week, Google rolled out their latest search algorithm change. For people conducting mobile searches, priority will now be given to websites that Google classifies as mobile-friendly. (As I have mentioned in previous blogs, 68% of searches are done on mobile devices!)

If you are not sure your site is mobile-friendly, Google has a quick and easy tool to test your site. This tool will tell you if Google considers your site to be mobile-friendly. It will also provide feedback gathered about what needs to change (font too small, links too close together, etc.) in order to improve the site’s mobile function. Your site must be mobile-friendly, or your SEO ranking will be drastically lower. This new algorithm will not affect desktop searches and your current SEO ranking there.

There are several ways to fix your website and make it mobile friendly:

  • Update the layout and theme on WordPress to a mobile-friendly layout
  • Have an expert review and adjust
  • Implement brand new site that is mobile-friendly

Because more searches are mobile, this algorithm update could have a big impact on companies that do not have mobile sites, and they will see a decline in search traffic. Looking at your website’s analytics to determine how much traffic you currently get from mobile searches, will give you a good idea of the impact to your business.

With people of all ages tapping into the power of mobile, switching to a mobile friendly website seems inevitable and a cost of the evolution of technology.

Call us today! We can make sure you are mobile ready!

Social Media Tip #SharetheGood


Social Media Tip – #SharetheGood

Social media can get a bad rap. We blame social media for the declining social skills of our children, for keeping people plugged into their computers for hours of their free time and a whole slew of other problems that could be caused by the advent of social media.

But it can also be a tool for a whole range of positive things. Within minutes, people can connect to their family and friends that are continents away to share photos and stories of their lives. People share their favorite experiences, their favorite quotes, their accomplishments and their dreams.

This sharing of the “good” has given rise to what BlogSpot terms, Human to Human Marketing. Companies that use Human to Human Marketing make their messaging and images personal, conversational, and inspiring. This approach often creates consumers that feel more brand loyalty and “closer” to these brands.

Can a brand be your “friend”? On social media, it can. Your brand message can show up in their timeline right next to their best friend getting married and photos of their cousin’s new baby. Making sure your images and photos have the Human approach ensures that you get noticed and remembered.

Consider adding this approach to your marketing strategy this year, especially the social media plan. You can still sell your products with adding in a call-to-action in these posts. The call-to-action could be growing your email list, a targeted offer or direction to your website for increased traffic.

If you are ready to create a Human to Human Marketing plan, we can help, contact us today!

Social Media Tip: Celebrate Wins 

red capThe #1 reason most people “unfriend” someone on Facebook is because of offensive comments. Can you guess the #2 reason? Well, according to NM Incite (click here for more compelling Facebook usage facts), it’s because they feel they are being sold products. Based on this research data, I think it’s safe to say people do not want to see negative or offensive comments nor do they want to be constantly sold.

Most people tend to seek out relationships that are positive, and this includes their social media contacts. Your friends, family, co-workers and bosses (let’s face it, pretty much everyone you come in contact with) are tuning in and checking their news feed as often as they do because they enjoying seeing their friend’s and families’ activities or they are gathering news and other relevant information. You may notice that your social media sphere of influence is sharing things they find funny or important to them.

Your company’s social media account is a way to communicate your brand and to grow your client base. Social Media gives you a chance to spotlight your company’s wins and culture in a non-selling, un-promotional way. It’s PR that has a great ROI.

Let’s take a look at how Red Cap Plumbing sets up their social media posts:

red cap 2





In the first photo, their post celebrates their employee, gives him kudos for his professionalism, and pokes fun at a possible inflammatory situation. In the next post, Red Cap Plumbing celebrates their customer. They understand the importance of fun and relevant posts! Their audience probably feels good vibes from the company and will be more likely to support their business. Red Cap has figured out how to interact in a positive way that is interesting to the audience about a service that is essentially, not interesting.

Benefits of Celebrating Your Wins on Social Media:

Makes you look successful – You can celebrate the smallest of victories like Red Cap did for their employee in the example above. It will help you to recognize the weekly achievements as well as the longer term strategies accomplished.

Internal motivation – The positive will encourage sharing and interaction with your employees. People love positive recognition!

Generates press and opportunities – Focusing on achievements will help you hone in on what is worth sharing with the media and press in your area.

Focuses on the positive – It helps you to create a company culture that is always looking for the positive. Positive work environments correlate to increased happiness and productivity within your company.

Inspires other marketing materials – These posts might become the inspiration for other more traditional channels of marketing.

Your company’s Facebook page is your chance to share your brand’s message on a daily basis. Start celebrating your wins and you will see the power of social media.

Apryl Foster- Missing Since 2/12/15, last seen in Ybor City.

Playbook’s client the Law Firm of de la Grana | Boardman is joining the Gonzmart Family and Premier beverage in offering a $2500 Reward for Apryl Foster. This brings the total reward to $16,500 (Ulele $10,000 & Premier $4,00 DB $2,500) for information leading to finding Apryl Foster last seen in Ybor City on 2/12/15.

Law firm has been there 20 years. De la Grana Family, owners of De la Grana Tourist Agency has called Ybor City home since the early 1940’s.

“I am just very concerned. I have a daughter that age and I can’t fathom what parents are going through. Apryl seems like a wonderful person in every sense of the word, a thoughtful daughter who loves and communicates regularly with her parents, talented in many aspects of her life, and serious about her work and career. It’s just disturbing that this would happen in my community, my backyard, to such a responsible and kind young woman,” said Frank de la Grana.

If you have information about Apyrl Foster, please contact the Tampa Police Department immediately at (813) 231-6130.

Thank you. Our thoughts and prayers are with Apryl and her family. May she come home safely today.

Emotional Appeal Marketing

Budweiser_dog_superbowl_ads_2015Did you notice something different about this year’s Super Bowl commercials? I did. They were decidedly less jovial.  Instead of getting laughs, the majority of the commercials focused on pulling your heart strings and creating an emotional response. Even most of the male-targeted commercials appealed to the sensitive man that cared about his family and wasn’t afraid to be a nurturing part of the home life. I like to call it “Sensitivity Marketing” and the fact that this kind of advertising dominated the Super Bowl shows us the Millennials have not only arrived but are major influencers to mainstream media!

With the advent of social media and the ability for consumers to have brand information on a daily basis, the marketing messages have softened and become more emotional. Millennials seem to connect with deep emotions and feelings. They don’t want to feel like they are constantly being sold a product. They want to buy a product because it “feels” right, maybe it is green-friendly or evokes good memories from their childhood, or the company is run by good people. This emotional appeal marketing strategy is effectively influencing purchasing decisions for both men and women.

Emotional Appeal Marketing uses a variety of techniques such as tone, lighting, color scheme, and mood to appeal to consumer emotions like empathy, sympathy, and happiness. This, in contrast to Rational Appeal Marketing, which attempts to prove the product’s quality and usefulness to the consumer by performing a product demonstration or citing facts.

According to Executiveboard.com, Emotional Appeal Marketing messages are twice as effective as Rational Appeal or promotional advertising.

The chart below highlights just how effective emotional marketing can be.

emotional marketing

According to Neuroscience Marketing, campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well as the rational content approach, and those that were purely emotional did a little better those that mixed emotional and rational content.

Hiring a marketing company that understands how to make an authentic emotional campaign is key. Since the marketing firm should believe in your product and understand the emotional value, your potential customers will too. Emotional marketing increases brand loyalty and will help you build long-term relationships with your target audience.

What’s your marketing and PR strategy, and is it appealing to your target audience?


Rasa-Lila Fest is an annual yoga and healing arts festival that takes place every Fall in Odessa, FL. This Tampa Bay festival hosts a full schedule of yoga classes, kids activities, SUP, meditation, and music with overnight camping available.

We linked them up with WEDU’s Arts Plus program to share their story with the world. Here’s the link to the full

Joyful Dating

Starting your own business is hard work. Partner with us and we can help you with branding, positioning, SEO, PR and marketing materials. We created this flyer for the relationship coaching service, Joyful Dating. It has helped to attract new clients in search of help in their dating experiences.

Clients in the News














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