Our Friend Charlie Hounchell

This past Sunday the Tampa Bay Community lost one of the good ones…make that one of the great ones. Charlie Hounchell was a renaissance man: he was a fashion model, a singer, a linguist (he spoke 3 languages fluently), a UF Law graduate, a MBA graduate from the world renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management, a Realtor, an entrepreneur, a community activist and one hell of a fun and happy guy.

Charlie was my friend and mentor. Although, I think if you asked Charlie he would have just said he was my friend. His beautiful smile and the twinkle in his eye always made my day or evening, as was often the case. Charlie had a way of making the people around him (including me) feel happy, confident and inspired.

I can’t recall if I ever shared with him just how big of an influence he had on my on my life recently, but I hope I did. About a year ago, sitting on one of the beds after Casa Nova’s annual Christmas party, he advised me (in a way that only Charlie could) to, “Go work for yourself and start your own thing! What the hell are you doing looking for a job? You got the talent Sal, and now, you got the credentials. Go do it, and don’t look back.” It was exactly what I needed to hear from someone I trusted and admired, in a way that made me feel empowered. He was so right. I have never been happier in my career, save a couple of 65’s I shot on the LPGA Tour, which were very few and far between.

Fast-forward about 6 or 7 months, and true to his earlier endorsement, Charlie hired me to design a website for his newest business venture: Florida Property Title, LLC, and then hired me again to help re-brand Florida Property Law, LLC and redesign the website. I am honored that I had the opportunity to work for Charlie in the last few months of his life, a life that, in my opinion, was cut far too short.

I guess I can smile because I know that Charlie will never age in my mind, or in the minds of any of his friends. I think he would have like that (the not aging part), and then he would have thrown his back and laughed, at the irony of it all. I love you Charlie and miss you already.

The Law Firm of de la Grana | Boardman Offers Reward for Apryl Foster

Apryl Foster- Missing Since 2/12/15, last seen in Ybor City.

Playbook’s client the Law Firm of de la Grana | Boardman is joining the Gonzmart Family and Premier beverage in offering a $2500 Reward for Apryl Foster. This brings the total reward to $16,500 (Ulele $10,000 & Premier $4,00 DB $2,500) for information leading to finding Apryl Foster last seen in Ybor City on 2/12/15.

Law firm has been there 20 years. De la Grana Family, owners of De la Grana Tourist Agency has called Ybor City home since the early 1940’s.

“I am just very concerned. I have a daughter that age and I can’t fathom what parents are going through. Apryl seems like a wonderful person in every sense of the word, a thoughtful daughter who loves and communicates regularly with her parents, talented in many aspects of her life, and serious about her work and career. It’s just disturbing that this would happen in my community, my backyard, to such a responsible and kind young woman,” said Frank de la Grana.

If you have information about Apyrl Foster, please contact the Tampa Police Department immediately at (813) 231-6130.

Thank you. Our thoughts and prayers are with Apryl and her family. May she come home safely today.

Emotional Appeal Marketing

Emotional Appeal Marketing

Budweiser_dog_superbowl_ads_2015Did you notice something different about this year’s Super Bowl commercials? I did. They were decidedly less jovial.  Instead of getting laughs, the majority of the commercials focused on pulling your heart strings and creating an emotional response. Even most of the male-targeted commercials appealed to the sensitive man that cared about his family and wasn’t afraid to be a nurturing part of the home life. I like to call it “Sensitivity Marketing” and the fact that this kind of advertising dominated the Super Bowl shows us the Millennials have not only arrived but are major influencers to mainstream media!

With the advent of social media and the ability for consumers to have brand information on a daily basis, the marketing messages have softened and become more emotional. Millennials seem to connect with deep emotions and feelings. They don’t want to feel like they are constantly being sold a product. They want to buy a product because it “feels” right, maybe it is green-friendly or evokes good memories from their childhood, or the company is run by good people. This emotional appeal marketing strategy is effectively influencing purchasing decisions for both men and women.

Emotional Appeal Marketing uses a variety of techniques such as tone, lighting, color scheme, and mood to appeal to consumer emotions like empathy, sympathy, and happiness. This, in contrast to Rational Appeal Marketing, which attempts to prove the product’s quality and usefulness to the consumer by performing a product demonstration or citing facts.

According to Executiveboard.com, Emotional Appeal Marketing messages are twice as effective as Rational Appeal or promotional advertising.

The chart below highlights just how effective emotional marketing can be.

emotional marketing

According to Neuroscience Marketing, campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well as the rational content approach, and those that were purely emotional did a little better those that mixed emotional and rational content.

Hiring a marketing company that understands how to make an authentic emotional campaign is key. Since the marketing firm should believe in your product and understand the emotional value, your potential customers will too. Emotional marketing increases brand loyalty and will help you build long-term relationships with your target audience.

What’s your marketing and PR strategy, and is it appealing to your target audience?

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