Our Values

Playbook Public Relations, LLC’s goal is to help organizations maximize positive exposure in the markets they serve, improve their bottom line and realize their goals. To guide is in this effort, we have established a strong set of values that are the philosophical foundation of our company.


across all of our endeavors.


understanding our clients’ issues, listening and developing comprehensive solutions that exceed their expectations.


identifying and leveraging the expertise of our individual team members to build the best solutions for our clients.


understanding and embracing changes in the marketing and public relations trends and capitalizing on the best communication modalities for our clients.


finding the most cost efficient solutions to best serve our clients.

Disciplined customized approach

identifying problems and removing barriers to success.

Freedom to take risks

challenging the status quo to foster creativity and innovation.

Maximizing individual potential

Maximizing individual potential and rewarding successes based on merit.

Embracing and leveraging diversity

Embracing and leveraging diversity of our colleagues and contributors to best serve our clients needs.

Listening and seeking to understand

our clients, our colleagues and the marketplace we operate in, and understanding their individualized needs.

Replicating best practices

maximizing and leveraging our intellectual capital.

Positive mental attitude (PMA)

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