Essential Tips to Building a PR Portfolio in 2022

August 4, 2022
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August 4, 2022 Sally Dee

Essential Tips to Building a PR Portfolio in 2022

Whether you are new to the public relations field and trying to impress employers or an experienced professional trying to gain more clients, creating a PR portfolio is crucial in getting your work and your image out. Portfolios often include writing samples and designs, editing, and overall accomplishments. Playbook Public Relations will give you some tips to create a portfolio that “wows”.

  • Include Some of Your Best Writing Samples 

Writing is one of the most significant parts of PR. So, showcasing your best work is a must in your portfolio. When choosing which pieces to include, think of the examples that have obtained the most interaction, and select pieces that demonstrate the diversity of your abilities. 

To show variety, make sure to include press releases, blogs, social media posts, etc. Using an array of samples can prove your versatility because not all brands have the same voice, tone, or style. For example, writing for a law firm would be very different from writing for a children’s clothing store. The law firm would require a much more technical voice, whereas a child’s clothing store would have a more playful and lighthearted tone. Demonstrating an ability to show experience in contrasting companies such as these would make for a strong portfolio.

  • Include Social Media Work

Social media is another vital part of PR. Being able to show your knowledge of running different platforms and connecting with the desired target audience will help you build a more robust portfolio. In addition, most companies today require some form of social media presence, so having solid capabilities across all the platforms is critical.

Similar to writing, the way different brands use social media differs from which platforms they use to what type of content they choose to share. Continuing with the examples of a law firm and a child’s clothing store, their use of social media would also greatly contrast. The law firm would likely focus on promoting its services and offering advice. Their content would include graphics or headshots of their lawyers with straight-to-the-point messaging. In contrast, the child’s clothing store would focus more on their products and sales. The content they would use would include pictures of the clothing itself or children playing with more witty and youthful messaging.

  • Include Testimonials and Awards

This is your chance to show off. Including testimonials allows potential employers and clients to see that you are reliable and that your work was valuable to past clients. By including third-party credibility, you are building trust with those who may be viewing your portfolio. 

Any awards from relevant clubs or professional organizations are also a great way to show your credibility and value as a PR professional. 

  • Create an Online Portfolio that Stands Out

If you haven’t already, it’s time to create your own domain name. With numerous website-building platforms, this is the easiest and most efficient way to showcase your portfolio and connect with potential clients or employers. However, how can you make your site stand out, and what are the benefits of going digital?

To stand out, you must create a site that not only displays your best work but also does so in an aesthetically pleasing way. It should also be user-friendly and not overly complicated so that nothing you publish is hard to find. If you are new to creating websites, sites like Wix and WordPress are more straightforward ways to get started.

One of the main benefits of going digital is that it allows you to update your portfolio as you create new content quickly. Also, as public relations evolves, much of the work is now done virtually. Therefore, transferring that work is much more simple than with a physical portfolio. Finally, a website is also a great way to link your professional (or personal) social media tags and your resume so future clients and employers can easily collect that information.

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