Happy New Year From Playbook Public Relations

January 1, 2013
January 1, 2013 Sally Dee

Happy New Year From Playbook Public Relations

Happy New Year from Playbook Public Relations!

Ahh, the closing of an old year and the beginning of a new year—it’s when we make our annual new resolutions.  Of course, this is the typical time for most of us to set new goals, but here is some food for thought: As a small business owner, friend, athlete, daughter, sister (in all my roles), I see each day as a new beginning.

As human beings we have control over our thoughts and our feelings; we alone can decide what we focus on.  Every morning when I wake up, I ask God to help me to service my clients, friends, and family to the very best of my ability.  That is my personal goal in all I do.  However, since this is a business blog let’s talk about Playbook Public Relations’ focus and business goals.

I often discuss with our team what differentiates Playbook Public Relations, from other PR and marketing firms out there.  Well, here is a story that I hope will shed some light on Playbook Public Relations’ “secret sauce.”

Vision Matters

In the early part of December, we all decided to write down our goals for the upcoming year, instead of on January 1st.  So being the task managers we are, we sat down that evening and got to work with the commitment to discuss our goals the next day.

Well, as fate would have it, at the top of every one of Playbook Public Relations’ team list was some version of the following: “Be completely client-centered!

Our team agrees, that when Playbook Public Relations, focuses on our clients’ business needs, all of our company/personal revenue goals naturally fall into place.  We know that when we take care of our clients and provide quality deliverables, we have greater client retention and a number of client referrals.

Where’s the Service in Self-Promotion?

At Playbook we believe it’s all about the value of the services we provide to our clients.  We are the creators and catalysts of a customized “playbook” that outlines our clients’ goals and strategies.  We see so many marketing/PR firms that are so busy promoting themselves that it makes us wonder, “How can all this self-promotion possibly benefits their clients?”

The answer?  It doesn’t.  Playbook Public Relations, believes great marketing and PR firms gather attention and recognition for their clients.  At Playbook we strive to operate in the background so our clients can shine. We “win” when our clients succeed, period.  End of story.

We are honored to serve our current clients and look forward to serving new clients in 2013.

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