Happy Thanksgiving from Playbook Public Relations, LLC

November 26, 2017
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November 26, 2017 Sally Dee

Happy Thanksgiving from Playbook Public Relations, LLC

Happy Thanksgiving for Playbook Public Relations, LLC!  As small business owners, we’re thankful to have survived our first year in business with minor scrapes and bruises and many more successes than gripes. At Playbook Public Relations, LLC, we’re particularly thankful for our clients, many of whom are also small business owners. We’re thankful for their business and thankful for the valuable services they provide to the community.

For example, as a licensed psychiatric social worker, Robin Leigh Maier helps her clients better their lives by finding emotional health and happiness. Every Wednesday, Robin shares her wisdom in her weekly blog, discussing topics such as managing A.D.D. and handling the Holiday Blues.

Randy Clark and Kevin Wade are instructing students so they can launch new careers in the health care field.  These bright students at the Center for Neurosomatic Studies (CNS) will in turn, will help their patients live pain-free lives through the practice of Neurosomatic Therapy. You can learn more about CNS at their Open House on Sunday, December 9th.

The team at Florida Property Title Services is facilitating an important part of the American dream, home ownership. We helped them launch their new mobile ready website.  Please check their website at www.FlaPropertyTitle.com.

Of all small business owners, only 10% earn revenues greater than a million dollars annually.  We understand that owning a small business doesn’t always equate to big earnings.  It does, however, always require long hours and hard work.  It’s a labor of love.  But that’s part of the American dream that we love being a part of.  At Playbook Public Relations we are thankful to live in the United States, a country built on entrepreneurial spirit and determined work ethic, which is still found in American business today.

We are thankful for all of our clients, big and small.  Please share with us what you are thankful for!


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