July 30, 2021 Sally Dee

Types of Social Media Influencers

Public relations experts from Playbook PR break down the different types of social media influencers. Read more on the blog.

The social media ecosystem is a diverse community of individuals that can take your PR to the next level. As part of your marketing playbook, there are different types of social media influencers that you can work with to amplify your brand and goals. Each type of influencer caters to a specific population, so it’s important to have a trusted PR firm by your side to make sense of the social media landscape to help your marketing investment have a better return on investment.

Numerous studies and research show that influencer marketing yields 11 times higher ROI than other forms of digital marketing, according to MediaKix’s Industry Benchmark Survey. For every dollar spent, influencer marketing brings in more than $5 for brands. Most companies invest from $10,000 a year for influencer marketing up to six figures when budgets allow as their survey shows almost 75% of consumers would buy more than $600 from an influencer recommendation.

Dive into the most relevant apps for your brand to find the right types of social media influencers that will help your target audiences connect with your brand in more authentic ways. From the top-down, we’ll explore how each social media influencer type can work to realize your goal.

Mega Influencers

These types of social media influencers are ultra-famous celebrities. With one post, they can provide tremendous reach. These notable individuals can get your brand in front of 10 million-plus people in just one post. When your goal is to get the most awareness possible, mega influencers are worth the mega cost to collaborate with them on a sponsored post.

Macro Influencers

The macro group is the web-savvy social media stars, vloggers, podcasters, and bloggers with 100,000 to 1 million followers. These types of social media influencers create a greater reach for your campaign and often bring deep content creation experience to build unique brand experiences and recognition that stands out from the crowd.


This group of social media influencers can help to truly impact sales, specific results, and increased engagement. As credible sources of expertise in niche topics, brands can find tremendous allies in these types of social media influencers. Niche bloggers, vloggers, activists, and educators are plentiful in this group and drive engagement up to seven times more than the influencers with hordes of followers. The people that follow micro-influencers trust them as highly credible sources and follow their recommendations more often because of their thought leadership.


Here, the lead stage of your marketing efforts can take more shape. Advocates begin and jump into conversations about your brand to promote or defend your initiatives. When multiplied, advocates become strong legions who champion your brand and share important details about your services, core values, and key messages. This helps to build brand traction, encourages others to open up about your brand, and activates new fans. Of special note, employees can be a part of this group to help grow a brand’s reach and engagement. Active employee influencers are powerful brand ambassadors, and company cultures can benefit from cultivating this as part of their growth strategy.


In every group, there is an essential base of people who recommend websites, brands, and individuals because they have directly experienced the benefits of your product or service. As lead magnets, these types of social media influencers are highly trusted and drive people to follow through on their recommendations. When scaled, this turns into an army of leads carrying out your desired actions.


This bunch sticks with your brand through every up and down. They continue to share and promote your activities and are great for re-energizing your audience as goals take shape. As an active and receptive audience, they are great to help test out different marketing messaging to help your brand be even stronger in the digital age.


Depending on your brand demographics and market segments, social media influencers can help you with everything from exposure, product releases, boosting loyalty, and better ROI. With a results-driven PR firm by your side, your brand can access social media research tools to identify the best types of social media influencers, create high-performing content, sharpen your strategy and monitor your campaigns for success. Playbook Public Relations is known for helping brands to define their influencer PR goals and garnering the right attention for your business. Contact Playbook PR at (813) 789-7122 or online to experience exceptional results with their expertise.

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