March 9, 2020 Sally Dee

Spring Cleaning: Update Your Company Boilerplate and Summary

Spring Cleaning: Update your Company and Boilerplate and Summaries

We are well into the new year…heck, we’re heading into a new season. There is no better time to do a little corporate spring cleaning. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but updating your company’s boilerplate and “about us” summaries can be a yearly refresh that helps you better communicate your brand’s mission and accomplishments.

Where to begin?

Take a look at your company’s year-end reports, such as sales, HR, and operations. What stands out? What goals did you achieve or surpass? Comb through the numbers and pull out the figures that best represent your growth in the past year.

What are the top metrics that show what’s behind your brand? Maybe they highlight new leadership, completed projects, number of clients, RFPs won, or cost-reduction strategies. Whatever the metrics are, highlight them in a prominent and interactive way on your homepage. Draw potential clients in with three metrics that show your brand’s success and impact.

What should be included in your company’s boilerplate?

There are five key pieces to a company or product boilerplate:

  1. Who you are.
  2. What you offer.
  3. Why are you different?
  4. What is the value to clients?
  5. A call to action.

Clearly state who you are and what products or services your company offers. What services or philosophies set you apart from the rest? What results and benefits should the client expect if they use your company? Remember: keep this section brief and simple. Use easy to understand language and avoid industry jargon or cliches. Each sentence should highlight your company.

Almost every boilerplate includes a call to action, which often looks like “Visit <insert Your Company URL> to learn more.” Here’s where you can get creative. Why should people click on the link and visit your website? Help direct them to what you want to do by using helpful resources such as a savings calculator, a list of top awards, free resources, or premium contact where you can capture contact information.

Where else can I update my company summary?

To ensure that your company messaging is consistent across all channels, we recommend updating pictures and summaries on news releases, online directories, social media, Google My Business profile, awards lists, online review sites, your company’s “About Us” section, LinkedIn profiles, and Wikipedia.

You want to always present a fresh, active, and productive face to new and established clients. A yearly refresh of your website, photos, social media messaging, boilerplates and summaries can help you stay current, relevant, and connected in the ever-changing and ever-blending social and corporate spheres.

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