April 30, 2021 Sally Dee

What is Social Media PR?

What is social media PR? The PR experts from Playbook PR breakdown everything you need to know about social media PR. Read more on the blog.

Business owners have enough on their plate, so we understand when you come to a PR agency to make sense of the social media landscape to develop a more efficient and effective integrated marketing campaign strategy to get a better ROI. In today’s hyperspeed marketing environment where mainstay social media platforms go hand-in-hand with new trendsetting ways to reach audiences, you need a highly experienced social media PR firm to help guide the way.

Social Media PR

Social media PR is all about showing your unique offerings and how this helps the niche audiences that your service or product focuses on. Social media posting topics and calendars that account for regular posting, generating brand awareness, and converting likes into leads and sales will help direct your efforts. Collaborating with a PR agency assists businesses with taking the guesswork out of all the social media strategies that are essential for being relevant on these apps, including hashtagging to tagging, working with influencers, attracting the interest of journalists and collaborators, and beyond.

A choreographed social media strategy creates awareness about your brand on your terms. For example, a marketing campaign can launch with specific story pitches and press releases that allow for social media sharing capabilities, extend to social media posts, convert to media opportunities and speaking engagements, turn into long-form content opportunities – including videos – on company marketing channels and with external online websites and platforms where your target audiences frequent. Social media content categories are key to define for your audiences. Do they prefer more inspirational, educational, conversational, promotional, behind-the-scenes content or a mix of these elements to keep their interest, and your follower counts, increasing?

Content is King

Original, consistent, and branded social media content can be regularly measured and monitored by PR pros to help evaluate refinements, opportunities, and next steps. From customer conversations to media sentiment to guidance on what it takes for a post to go viral successfully, PR professionals know how to harness social media engagement for your benefit. As companies look for creative ways to maximize their marketing investment, some have instituted brand ambassador programs to get company perks for promoting them on social media. For an entryway into the newest social media apps, this can be a smart choice to capture the next generation of customers.

As with any online platform, reputation management becomes an important consideration in your social media PR strategy. It is essential to create a real-time crisis management plan in advance so that your outside PR team and internal spokespeople are on the same page for when this reality does occur. Handling crises swiftly, keeping focused on your company’s core values that can help turnaround the situation, and communicating the play-by-play externally, and giving access to top leadership in social media posts can do a lot to help damage control.

Social media and PR pros are an affordable extension of your team that are dedicated to lifting the burden of the ever-changing social media landscape and regular posting cycles that are essential to keeping your brand’s message at the top of your audiences’ minds. From amplifying your message to creating long-term social media PR plans, the experienced PR team at Playbook Public Relations is known for delivering unprecedented media exposure, captivating social media content, and exceeding expectations for clients. Contact Playbook Public Relations at (813) 789-7122 or online to re-energize your social media strategy.

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