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Sally Dee-Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame

Sally DeeWe are proud to announce that Playbook Public Relations, LLC’s Director, Sally Dee, was inducted into the Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame’s class of 2012 in October of 2012.  Sally’s pre-Playbook Public Relations career was as a professional golfer on the LPGA Tour.  She’s attended Westhill High School and was a star on the links and on the basketball court.  Scoring 1,688 career points and leading her team to the NYS Girl’s Basketball Championship, where she was named the tournament MVP.  Sally also won the NYS Girls Golf State Championship earlier that year.

Collegiately she was a three-time academic All-American at the University of South Florida (USF), and was USF’s Student-Athlete of the Year and two-time Outstanding Scholar-Athlete of the Year.  A cum laude graduate in 1993, Sally was an NCAA Athlete-of-the-Year finalist her senior year.

Among very few Central New York women to become professional tour golfers, Sally played on the LPGA Tour from 1998-2002.  While on the Tour, she competed in the women’s US Open, British Open, and Canadian Open plus the LPGA Championship – all majors.  She had two top 5 finishes, and five top 10’s during her time on tour.  She also won the ReMax World Long Drive crown in 2004 and was a contestant on the Big Break X in 2008.

A graduate assistant women’s golf coach at USF from 2009-2011, Sally earned her MBA last year…and oh yes, the Syracusan-turned-Floridian was summa cum laude.

The eight-member inductees include Sally Dee, along with Pat Donnelly, Dick Easterly, John Johnstone, Bob Kallfelz, Brad Kotz, Beezie Madden, and Royce Newell.  You can read more about the other inductees here.


This brings the total number of GSS Hall of Fame members to 198.  The first ceremony was held in 1987.

Congrats, Sally!  What an honor.  We are so proud to have you as part of Playbook’s Team!


Clients in the News

Clients in the News

WFLA News Channel 8

daytime rasa-lila-fest When Rasa-Lila Fest needed help marketing their event, we knew a comprehensive PR strategy would be vital to getting this local yoga and wellness festival noticed. By reaching out to our extensive list of media outlets, we were able to get festival founder, Nathan Bangs, featured in print, radio and TV. We combined this media coverage with a targeted email campaign, and our in-house graphic designer created a map and schedule of events for the festival attendees. nathan bangs



THE RESULT: The Rasa-Lila Fest  has already outsold last year’s ticket numbers, so now Nathan can focus on making the festival a great experience for attendees.

Find out more about Rasa-Lila Fest!

WFLA News Channel 8

Reasons Why You Need a Blog

Reasons to Blog

How to BLOG?????

An effective business blog has the potential to result in companies gaining, on average, a 55% increase in traffic. The more often you post, the more often Google indexes your site. Blogging IS effective.

If you think of your website as your company store front―windows for the would-be customer to look through to see what you offer―think of your blog as a window to your company’s soul…and personality. It’s here where you can truly connect with your current and potential customers. We don’t buy a product or service that we don’t understand or believe in. How does it work? What does it do for me? Without the answers to these questions, it’s difficult for a consumer to take action.

A blog gives us the know-how…and the access. When was the last time you followed through with purchase based on something you read in a magazine? Did you clip the article and carry it with you to the store? Probably not. Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines.

What’s the expression? You can never be too thin or too rich…or have eyelashes that are too long? Add “you can’t have too much content” to the list. Give me more. If your business has 40+ different landing pages, you’ll generate ten times more leads than the slackers with less than six pages. And once you get that blog post tally up above 200, you’ll generate three and a half times more leads than those who have less than 21 posts. 200 may seem like a daunting number, but start today and it will be here before you know it.

If Blog CONTENT IS KING, then social media users make up its vast Kingdom.


According to Tom Pick at JeffBullas.com, “63% of companies said they had improved their marketing effectiveness, simply by posting blog content on social media channels.”

A blog will increase your customer reach, stimulate sales, build brand loyalty, validate your expertise, raise your SEO and help your business stand out from the competition.

What are you waiting for? Curious about QUALITY content marketing? Contact Playbook Public Relations, LLC today.

Hashtags Are Here to Stay

Hashtags Are Here to Stay

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s clip on hashtags is really #LOL funny and totally #CLASSIC!

Seriously, hashtags are here to stay, and in all types of social media and marketing. Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest all show increased engagement in posts when hashtags are used. They may not be a part of how we speak, but they are a part of how we speak and search in the social media world. TIP: Don’t overdo the hashtags, research shows posts with more than two hashtags actually will drop your end-user engagement by 17%.

Playbook Takeaway:

Always make sure your social media posts have 1-2 relevant hashtags. Why? Because that’s how people are searching for things they need or interest them. Twitter studies show using #hashtags in your tweets increase engagement by two-fold. When you use them people who aren’t following you or aren’t your fan/friend can search the hashtag used and find your content, thereby, potentially increasing your exposure to millions of social media users.  For example, if I am looking for pictures and posts related to the USF Bulls football game I would search #USFBULLS or #usfbulls in the hashtag section of Instagram and then I would find all the post related to that search.   TIP: Be aware that #capitalizationmatters! 

When designing your social media plan for the month, consider the possible hashtags you will be using. Tagboard is a good site for researching what is being posted with certain hashtags. TIP: Try visiting sites like Hashtags.org, RiteTag and Hashify to research what’s trending or to get feedback on the hashtags you plan to use.You may also research what hashtags competitors or experts in your field are using to help grow and inform your hashtag list 

Please contact the social media experts at Playbook and let us help you grow your business and revenues!

Are you Overusing #hashtags-



Tips-for-FacebookWe recently attended a seminar on the evolution of Facebook and how to leverage this social media outlet for small businesses. Before the event, there was an opportunity to chat and have coffee with the other attendees. Many of the people we spoke with were starting a new business and were overwhelmed with the task of managing and leveraging social media, especially the beastly Facebook site. Since they had already sunk most of their money into starting their new businesses, it left their advertising budgets in a diminished state.

The good news is that this social media beast is easy to tame, and a valuable investment for those with minimal advertising dollars available. The average person checks their Facebook page at least 14 times a day, and for many; the Facebook NewsFeed is the first thing they see in the morning! So leveraging the enormous Facebook audience is a must for most business owners.

Here are our top 5 ways to use Facebook for your small business:

1. Figure out your demographics

Just like with traditional advertising streams, you better know your target audience. Once you have created your Facebook page, you can use the Facebook insights to report on who your “fans” are- the people that like the page and engage with it on a weekly basis.

2. Create a clear strategy

Don’t just wake up in the morning and post whatever is on your mind at the time. While you want your posts to look authentic and relaxed, there should be a concise social media strategy that reflects your brand image and mission.

3. Boost posts

Because Facebook went public, they have to answer to their shareholders. This meant that business pages are rarely showing up in Newsfeeds unless you are spending money to boost your post. Yes, boosting posts costs money, but it is the best way to ensure that people see the posts you have spent so much time creating. When you have a post that seems well liked by your fans, invest the money required to boost engagement.

4. Focus on photos

Keep your word usage short and sweet, even in the photos. Your audience is scrolling through a newsfeed where you are competing with other companies, your fan’s family photos and your fan’s best friends. They want to see a photo that is intriguing and beautiful to capture their attention. You can add a call to action into the post once you have captured their attention. Also, your profile pic and cover pic should tell the story of your business without jamming up the message with too many words.

5. Connection is key

Monitor your page and if a fan is interacting, interact back in a timely manner. Start a conversation and keep it going. And with any Facebook page, there is bound to be some negative posts by fans…DO NOT let them sit there without a response. You can respond in a public manner and then reach out to them privately to ensure loyalty. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is essential in today’s business world! Even if you are not online your target audience is!

When managed correctly, Facebook is like a trained dog rather than an intimidating beast. Develop a loyal and engaged audience with creative and strategic posts.

Party On: Event Marketing More Effective Than Social Media

Event Marketing More Effective than Social Media…Really!!!

Event Marketing

Everybody loves a party. Parties are a way to get together and celebrate something good and positive. People feel relaxed at a party, and there is usually a level of positive community experience.  You get to know people face to face when you are at a party, which is a great way to share your company message and grow your business.

event marketingThe bottom line is that even in this global, digital society people still like to buy from people. According to B2B Content Marketing Trends, in-person events are even more effective than social media. Hard to believe when you see the amount of time we devote to social media marketing versus event marketing. Look at the chart below and consider how you have been spending YOUR marketing budget…

So, how can you get the party started and grow your business? Here’s how:

  1. Celebrate Something Good Happening at Your Company

Think of the milestones you have hit that are worth spinning into a party, the progress your business has made, or something else that is special and noteworthy.

  1.    Get People to Join the Party

Hosting a party gives you the ability to connect with your clients and customers via many different outlets. You can send an email blast promoting the event, post an invitation to attend on your social media channels, and add the invitation as new content on your blog and website. New content that people are interacting with is a great way to increase your SEO ranking with search engines.

  1.    Follow-up After the Party

Again, another chance to connect. You can follow-up with the people who attended your event and even the people who did not with event photos posted to social media, another blog posting, pictures on your website and another email blast. You could even add a follow-up promotion to encourage sales since you already are in the forefront of their minds.

If throwing a party still seems out of your scope then get involved in someone else’s event. By being a part of an event happening in your community, you still get the value of face-to-face time with people in your community and the ability to add content to your marketing channels.

You may think that only big companies, like BMW, can be a part of an event but not so, any company can be a part of event marketing and find real, lasting benefits. Party on!

Urgent SEO News – Google Algorithm Updated

SEO News – Google Algorithm Updated

new-google-logo-officialGoogle This week, Google rolled out their latest search algorithm change. For people conducting mobile searches, priority will now be given to websites that Google classifies as mobile-friendly. (As I have mentioned in previous blogs, 68% of searches are done on mobile devices!)

If you are not sure your site is mobile-friendly, Google has a quick and easy tool to test your site. This tool will tell you if Google considers your site to be mobile-friendly. It will also provide feedback gathered about what needs to change (font too small, links too close together, etc.) in order to improve the site’s mobile function. Your site must be mobile-friendly, or your SEO ranking will be drastically lower. This new algorithm will not affect desktop searches and your current SEO ranking there.

There are several ways to fix your website and make it mobile friendly:

  • Update the layout and theme on WordPress to a mobile-friendly layout
  • Have an expert review and adjust
  • Implement brand new site that is mobile-friendly

Because more searches are mobile, this algorithm update could have a big impact on companies that do not have mobile sites, and they will see a decline in search traffic. Looking at your website’s analytics to determine how much traffic you currently get from mobile searches, will give you a good idea of the impact to your business.

With people of all ages tapping into the power of mobile, switching to a mobile friendly website seems inevitable and a cost of the evolution of technology.

Call us today! We can make sure you are mobile ready!

Social Media Tip- #SharetheGood

Social Media Tip #SharetheGood


Social Media Tip – #SharetheGood

Social media can get a bad rap. We blame social media for the declining social skills of our children, for keeping people plugged into their computers for hours of their free time and a whole slew of other problems that could be caused by the advent of social media.

But it can also be a tool for a whole range of positive things. Within minutes, people can connect to their family and friends that are continents away to share photos and stories of their lives. People share their favorite experiences, their favorite quotes, their accomplishments and their dreams.

This sharing of the “good” has given rise to what BlogSpot terms, Human to Human Marketing. Companies that use Human to Human Marketing make their messaging and images personal, conversational, and inspiring. This approach often creates consumers that feel more brand loyalty and “closer” to these brands.

Can a brand be your “friend”? On social media, it can. Your brand message can show up in their timeline right next to their best friend getting married and photos of their cousin’s new baby. Making sure your images and photos have the Human approach ensures that you get noticed and remembered.

Consider adding this approach to your marketing strategy this year, especially the social media plan. You can still sell your products with adding in a call-to-action in these posts. The call-to-action could be growing your email list, a targeted offer or direction to your website for increased traffic.

If you are ready to create a Human to Human Marketing plan, we can help, contact us today!

Digital Marketing Firm

Playbook Public Relations, LLC – The Premier Digital Marketing Firm

It’s been a wild ride this week for Facebook (FB).   The company’s IPO had Wall Street and investors buzzing.  On May 15th (two days before the before IPO) General Motors (GM) the largest auto manufacturer in the world, announced that it would no longer spend advertising dollars on Facebook’s paid advertising.  The reason?  GM’s marketing department believes that Facebook advertising does not work.   Last year GM’s marketing team spent $10 million dollars on Facebook’s paid advertising.  Was this an ominous foreboding for Facebook?  Since the initial IPO on May 18th FB shares have plummeted by 19%.

However, it should be noted that marketing industry insiders question the timing of GM’s announcement.  Apparently, a few months ago Facebook representatives criticized GM’s marketing department for allowing multiple marketing firms to manage their Facebook advertising.   This suggests that GM’s marketing department intentionally withheld its decision to announce its departure from Facebook’s paid advertising.

GM still believes in digital advertising, and it will remain a part of GM’s overall marketing strategy.  In fact, GM’s marketing department spent $300 million on digital advertising in 2011.  GM will continue to promote its brands on the company’s various Facebook Fan pages.  The $10 million spent on Facebook paid ads is a drop in the bucket for GM but a blow to the effectiveness of Facebook’s paid advertising reputation.

Facebook’s paid ads appear on the right side of the page.  Every time a user navigates to a new page different two things can happen:  one, different ads appear or two, the same ads follows the end user.  Facebook ads are targeted based on the demographic information provided by user’s profile.

Team Playbook combines decades of advertising experience  with the latest trends in new media marketing and digital solutions. See why our people make the difference.

We look forward to creating a Playbook for your business!


Our Friend Charlie Hounchell

This past Sunday the Tampa Bay Community lost one of the good ones…make that one of the great ones. Charlie Hounchell was a renaissance man: he was a fashion model, a singer, a linguist (he spoke 3 languages fluently), a UF Law graduate, a MBA graduate from the world renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management, a Realtor, an entrepreneur, a community activist and one hell of a fun and happy guy.

Charlie was my friend and mentor. Although, I think if you asked Charlie he would have just said he was my friend. His beautiful smile and the twinkle in his eye always made my day or evening, as was often the case. Charlie had a way of making the people around him (including me) feel happy, confident and inspired.

I can’t recall if I ever shared with him just how big of an influence he had on my on my life recently, but I hope I did. About a year ago, sitting on one of the beds after Casa Nova’s annual Christmas party, he advised me (in a way that only Charlie could) to, “Go work for yourself and start your own thing! What the hell are you doing looking for a job? You got the talent Sal, and now, you got the credentials. Go do it, and don’t look back.” It was exactly what I needed to hear from someone I trusted and admired, in a way that made me feel empowered. He was so right. I have never been happier in my career, save a couple of 65’s I shot on the LPGA Tour, which were very few and far between.

Fast-forward about 6 or 7 months, and true to his earlier endorsement, Charlie hired me to design a website for his newest business venture: Florida Property Title, LLC, and then hired me again to help re-brand Florida Property Law, LLC and redesign the website. I am honored that I had the opportunity to work for Charlie in the last few months of his life, a life that, in my opinion, was cut far too short.

I guess I can smile because I know that Charlie will never age in my mind, or in the minds of any of his friends. I think he would have like that (the not aging part), and then he would have thrown his back and laughed, at the irony of it all. I love you Charlie and miss you already.

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